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So you place LL Cool J in the same category as Kool & The Gang? You have no preference for music anywhere on the range from U2 to Blink 182? It couldn't matter less to you if you turn the radio on and it's Kenny G or Master P?


This wishy-washy, everything's okay, we're-all-special-winners crap has to stop. Form an opinion. Like some things more than others. It's okay, really! And I know that you probably do have a preference, but that's a good thing. No two people have the exact same tastes on everything. Let your musical freak flag fly! I won't make fun of you if you like the Grateful Dead or As I Lay Dying. There's no judgment to be had if you like Frank Zappa or Frank Sinatra.

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And wouldn't you rather be honest with other people? If someone doesn't want to associate with you because you listen to Engelbert Humperdinck, do you really want to be associated with them ?


Then there are the people who say that their favorite band is The Beatles. THE @#*!ING BEATLES! That's like saying your favorite movie is Star Wars . You're discussing a band that influenced so many different types of music that they transcend genres. Your favorite band can't be The Beatles, because that's like saying that your favorite band is every band .

I'm not ashamed that I listened to Matchbox 20 and Third Eye Blind after their late-90s renaissance. I'm proud to have been an early adopter of Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World and Coldplay, even if I don't listen to them now. Musical tastes change and evolve as we change and evolve ourselves.

There seems to be an unspoken rule that it's fine and dandy to have opinions and tastes for different things on the Internet, but when we're in public, there is a need to conform to a sanitized, politically correct standard of "everyone should like everything equally, and anyone who doesn't is an elitist jerk." In that case, call me an elitist jerk.

As much as people might have different tastes and opinions on things they like and don't like, they also carry a fear of being cast out for these preferences. This might be born out of the need to feel connected to other people or just a need to belong, but the absence of an opinion also creates the absence of a true relationship and connection with others.

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