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Is it just me, or are songs becoming more inappropriate every year?

Is it just me, or are songs becoming more inappropriate every year? I'll admit that some of these are catchy and a majority get stuck in my head. But, the fact that these are playing on the radio with teenagers listening really bothers me for some reason. Here are a few of the most inappropriate song lyrics from 2013.

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1. "And everyone in line in the bathroom;Trying to get a line in the bathroom" - Miley Cyrus Can't Stop

Miley Cyrus used to complain about girls wearing stilettos, now she's singing about girls doing cocaine at a club. I can guarantee you she wasn't talking about a Nashville party in this song. She's growing up so fast.

2. "The way you grab me;Must wanna get nasty." - Robin Thicke Blurred Lines

He also repeats "I know you want it" about a hundred times throughout the song. If she wanted it, she'd say it, Robin Thicke. Leave the poor girl alone.

3. "Do you want to stay the night? Doesn't mean we're bound for life." - Zedd Stay the Night

Translation : "A one night stand is perfectly fine. I have no morals."

4. "She's up all night 'til the sun. I'm up all night to get some." - Daft Punk, Get Lucky

This one doesn't even need a translation. They didn't try to be creative with the lyrics.

5. "Spin your partner round and round." - Ke$ha and Pitbull Timber

Okay, this one isn't bad,but it's a little dangerous. We can't have people spinning each other around in clubs while girls are wearing 6-inch heels. Ouch.

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