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#NowPlaying. Want to know the latest music trends?Twitter can help.More frequently, music fans are using Twitter as a channel to discuss the musicians they love.With over 250 million tweets per day, the social network has become a breeding ground for the latest music trends.

Now, although music on Twitter may still be in it's infancy (as far as inline song playing is concerned), the platformundoubtedlyoffers a "bird's eye view" of what musicenthusiasts are listening to.If you've ever seen the #nowplaying hashtag, then you understand what I mean.

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Butwith hundreds ofmillionsof tweets every single day, how do you sort through the noise and uncover which #nowplaying musicians are trending? Good question. You don't. does.

In astraightforward, Matrix-typefeel, TwitterMusicTrendstracks the most-discussed musicians on Twitter and then dynamically updates this information into 3 simple sections.The "Today" section of the site provides an analysis ofwho is being discussed the most on that particular day. The "Trending" section examineswhich musicians are increasing in popularity on Twitter. And finally, the "Latest" section displays the most-recently tweeted musicians.

Everyone from music fans; to magazine editors; to music industryprofessionals;to the local indie band down the street; they all can benefit from this collection of music trends. In fact, the potential uses for this data is staggering.

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