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Red bull doesn't affect me anymore.

Red bull doesn't affect me anymore, I've already had two today, Frazier said. I guess I'm gonna have to start drinking! Fraziers unique sense of humor was on display regardless of his tired state. A sense of humor that is prevalent in the bands image, right down to their name.

I didn't come up with it, it was an angel. I went to find the scrolls it told me to and only I could translate them. It said Ringo Deathstarr, Frazier said. Bassist Alex Gehring confirmed the bands fanciful beginning.

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I think it has to do with Mormonism, I'm pretty sure some angel came down and he had to translate some scriptures, she said, stifling a laugh. They may kid about their name, but they were very serious about their music.

Frazier says the band was focusing more on vocals this time around, being influenced by The Beach Boys. Gehring mentioned performing the vocals is the most difficult aspect of their live show. The band now uses in-ear monitors to help hear how they sound over the music

Frazier produced Mauve , and he says having that level of control helps them to establish the sounds they are searching for. Ringo Deathstarr recorded the album live in the studio without the programming and studio tricks featured on their debut LP Colour Trip. The new record features a live sounding raw feel, bringing out more of the bands punk influences and moving slightly away from the shoegaze sound they are known for.

They also made all the album art themselves, with an inner sleeve consisting of psychedelic colour swirls, and a monochromatic front cover featuring the titular colour.

We really just wanted people to pay attention to the music. People are so concerned with a bands image; there's a lot of judging a book by it's cover, Gehring said.

The band had no trouble getting the audience at This Aint Hollywood to focus on the music. Despite their fatigue the band ripped through a tight set of fan favorites, even inviting some audience members to dance and sing onstage. One special guest was SIANspherics Ryan Ferguson, who sang and added some guitar squalls to the closing number. They may have been tired, but at the end of their set Ringo Deathstarr had smiles on their faces, clearly enjoying another excellent gig.

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