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I came across this while I was reading a website about how hard it is to...

I came across this while I was reading a website about how hard it is to move back to the U.K. after being abroad.. (I've been getting all sentimental and wistful about Britain lately, what with making the Christmas pud' and watching lots of British T.V. My sentimentality is quickly waning now that I've seen the house prices in old Blighty and there's always happy slapping to remember!)

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Anyway in Britain, the song at number one in the single charts on the Sunday before Christmas is known as the Christmas Number One. It is the highly prized and coveted jewel in the increasingly irrelevant U.K single chart war. Usually, this honor is bestowed on a horrendous novelty song (look up 1993's CNo.1 "Mr. Blobby, by Mr. Blobby, or 1971's "Ernie- the fastest milkman in the west" by Benny Hill for examples)

It has also been awarded to hyper- sentimental songs like Queen's re-release of "Bohemian Rhapsody" with "These are The Days" in 1991 to mark the death of Freddie Mercury. Perhaps the worst Christmas number one crime was the 1996-1998 stretch when the Spice Girls had three CNo.1's in a row..forever tarnishing the saintly aura surrounding this honor.

This year there's a grassroots effort to get the song "We're all going to Die" by ex- Arab Strapper Malcolm Middleton to number one this Christmas. The tough competition includes the winner of X-Factor (a British "Idol" type show with Simon Cowell at the helm). Now I'm not sure if it would help for Americans to buy the Mp3 of the single but it's worth a try. Wouldn't it be nice for something a bit different to win out this year?

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