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All dressed up and no place to go.

We drove about twelve hours yesterday, all the gear and four of us packed into a brand new Dodge Grand Caravan. By the time we picked up Clayton in New West, it was clear that space was at a premium. While Clay got his stuff together we unpacked the van and reloaded with his bass cab and head and packed some merch into my bass drum. I left my extra snare in his back room and we set off again.

The roads we're pretty good until we hit about Revelstoke, or maybe Golden, and then the snow started blowing pretty heavily. The flakes we're pretty small, so it was not too bad, but the van does brake pretty rough because of all the weight, and visibility was pretty poor, particularly when the big semis came blowing by.

Arriving about 9:30 pm last night at Brian and Stacy's place, we had a bite of lentil stew and caught the last period of the Oilers-Red Wings game before heading out to explore downtown. Calgary sems to have grown in bounds since the last time I was here, but then again, that was about 1988 or 89 so it's not too surprising.

Shockk and Clay and I drove around and located the various clubs in town that we are not playing at. We stopped at the Ship, but could not discern whether or not anyone was playing since the place was so packed and we we're not about paying a cover just to find out. Every day on a tour without a show loses money.

Today we are going to drop off some merch at a local skate shop and then drive to Red Deer where a band called Forty Foot Echo is playing. RC has just returned with some homeopathic medicine for his foot. The temperature is about -6 and dry as hell. My sinuses are not used to this, but we are pretty much in the lap of luxury here for now.

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