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Your first visit to the music store

Remember when you we're first captivated by the display of instruments on your first ever visit to a music store and the seeds of desire we're first sown?

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Any musician will tell you about the magic of visiting the music store just to look at the guitar / drum kit / violin / cello / bass / trumpet / etc.

There is tremendous craft in the manufacture of instruments as any luthier will explain to you. Making the tools of music performance is as delicate as any sculpture or painting by a master artist. Today, we are on the edge of a new revolution in manufacturing that will change the way musical instruments are conceived and brought to life.Imagine being able to design and customize the instrument of your choice and being able to click on the print button to manufacture it there and then. Sound far-fetched?

Well, 3D printing technology is now being used to make jewellery, dental implants, batteries and a whole range of components for industrial manufacturing. The 3D printer has moved from being a prototyping tool to mainstream manufacture with 'more than 20% of the output of 3D printers being final products not prototypes.

The musical instrument manufacturers must (and hopefully are) exploring the possibilities this now opens up for them; low-cost, customization has become a real possibility. Manufacturers have already experimented with carbon fibre very successfully to create innovative music performance tools and I can't wait to see how this translates into new instruments.

Sure you'll never completely replace the sonic qualities of antique instruments or the joy of owning one but I bet you'll get very close to it so that only purists will notice and the ordinary musician can own a piece of history reconfigured in a modern form.

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