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Selena Gomez has continued her Latin America tour in Mexico City recently. At her stage performance, Selena Gomez dressed hot and sexy.

Selena Gomez took a few times out from Central American tour in Mexico City to receive her gold record. Selena Gomez got a gold record due to her album When the Sun Goes Down. After that, Selena Gomez continued her job, went back to a concert in that night.

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Selena Gomez, 19 years old famous female pop singer, has adopted Vegas glitz for her latest tour dress. Selena Gomez has showed off her sequined blue show costume with a floor-length skirt, a plunging halter top and high waist bikini pants.

Before kicked off the Latin America tour, Selena Gomez has unveiled a slightly more punk hairdo streaked with purple, blue, and blonde extensions. She has stuck with her look so far on the Latin American tour.

Selena Gomez, who has ever been the Cosmo cover girl, said that her latest performance was the most chaotic, crazy, intense, most beautiful show ever.

At the ceremony, Selena Gomez who is now in a relationship with another famous pop singer Justin Bieber, wore a suit of Daisy Duke faded jean shorts, a sheer white blouse, platform boots, and short pink quarter-length blazer. Fortunately, Selena Gomez hasn't forgotten wearing a bra.

When Selena Gomez was being asked about the pluses as well as minuses of her career this long, she said that she was very thankful so she could use her good talent to help people through participating into charities that she has done through her music career or clothing line. Selena Gomez who has recently spent her time in a charity concert in Las Vegas and Congo for UNICEF admitted that she love being able to have a beautiful and wonderful voice and using it for several things that are important to others.

Selena Gomez has just launched new clothes collection from her clothing line Dream out Loud. She has also released recently a behind-the-scenes video that was talking about some of her favorite pieces like bell-bottom jeans. Selena Gomez admitted that she loves the flare jeans because she wears skinny jeans religiously.

Selena Gomez herself is half Mexican. Selena Gomez was born in Texas while her father is Mexican ancestry. Selena Gomezs mother is of part Italian descent.

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